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“I will help You”


Never a truer word has ever been spoken to a slippery and scheming soul than this phrase. Nor a mightier assurance given to a world at war with itself than this statement. It is the complete version in itself. The speaker is a matter of fact, certain. Not traumatized by the past nor scared about the future. His heart and soul is totally involved. And He knows what he is talking about and to whom He is speaking. “… I am with you; I am your God; I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand; …O Jacob my servant.” Isa 41:10; 44:2

The Omnipotent softly speaks what He wills in His heart and able to perform by his hand: I will – Help. Assist. Support. Defend. Come to your rescue. Bail you out. Further your interest. Soothe your pain. Get you out of the spot. Take you further. Strengthen your weak hands. Do you a favour. Get your back. Alleviate your suffering. Assuage and improve your lot. 
Folks, help is here! Not just because it is a new year, but because it is a New You. Do not waste such help this year. He will fight your impediment. He will remove your hindrance. Even save your skin! Yes, no more living a lie. No more playing to the gallery. It’s time to roll your sleeves and work the help He offers admirably.

Were there things you wanted to do for the Lord and His mission in the years gone by? And you missed doing such noble things. Don’t beat up yourself. Take His word to your heart and head. Embrace them with your two hands. He who cannot renegade the word He speaks to you. I will help you, so do the needful.

Are there act of kindness you missed in the your community due to your over stretched activities of life. Perhaps some golden opportunity to show grace escaped you in the time past. So you feel and so it seems – your heart, head and neighbours’. Take courage. Lost ground can be recovered. Let this assurance hold control: I will help you, so go on and show them love.

So you struggle with your roles as father or mother. You were plagued with demand at work, in offices, yeah even in ministry. And you lost that Midas touch of loving parents to needy children. If I were you, I wont let the enemy squeeze life out of me. I will not look to my offsprings with sense of despair. I will quickly lay hold of His word: I will help you, just start from where I stopped.

Even so some people needed a shoulder to lean on and yours was not available as they sought. Some young believers in dare need of guidance, counseling, instruction in righteousness and on how to follow truly the way of the Lord lost out on account of your non-availability. Not much came from you because of the hollow you feel or the life you live. Rise up now get His help needed help to help others.

God’s work worldwide still need you. There are missionaries whose need you can still meet on your knees and with your cash. Of course, there are several mission positions, locations, and situations your skills, gifts, experiences and talents could address. That may constitute a call. If I were you, I will grab His help and turn myself to the help others need.

We need help: As you know, El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation, its Global Missions, M2414 Initiative is a mission organization with no local church support base. We depend on God’s provision through the generosity of His people to finance our missionary activities on day to day basis. We therefore urge you to give generously to this work. 1 Cor 15:58 And remember, each time you give to this ministry you become one of our G3partners: Global Glory of God Partners joining us to champion Christ’s global cause through their resources. 

#ServingFaithfully as a #GlobalWitness

Tim Olonade, Team LeaderEl-Rehoboth Global MissionsM2414Initiatives for Final Harvest

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