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Bearing His Light to the Nations, Together.


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Timothy Olonade

Dear Friends and Partners,

Thank you for your continuous support to this great work. I believe it is not too late to still wish you Happy New Year. We welcome you to a year of His Radiance; Impactful Radiance in this year of Light. May your light shine ever bright this year that nations will come to your life and Kings will be attracted into the brightness of your rising…

This is to let you know we know you are there, with us! You traveled with us last year as we scaled walls, overcome obstacles, subdue obstructions and advance the work of the Kingdom. You were with us from January to December in the year God granted us speedy access towards fulfilling ministry outing.

Souls were saved. Leaders were equipped, trained and empowered to faithfully discharge the full responsibility of their calling. Over 10,000 of such leaders were impacted. God opened door of service to us during the year, over 40,000 impressionable souls, youths from age 14 to 40 went through our lives and we served them our packed lunch of proverbial five loaves and two pieces of fish duly blessed of God.

Two new titles came out to strengthen Christ followers to Grow in Grace and for Christians to Bear Witness to Christ! We finally gain a market share on all the online publishing platforms like Amazon, Kindle, etc with our books (3) Published Books). In all these, you were with us in prayers, giving, encouraging and getting our back in more ways than one.

This is the New Year. We are poised to serve Him with all we’ve got. We are holding nothing back. We want to hour Him with our obedience. And that is why we ask you to take the trip with us. We will walk in His light. We will radiate His glory. We will let the whole world know the power of our Lord and King.

We will complete the mission leadership training center/building. We are 70 done! God helping us we will round up this project before mid-year. Please prayerfully align with us in the spirit. God started this good work, He will surely complete it.

Welcome to the year of Light! Welcome to the year of Impactful Radiance. May this reality be your experience this year.

our brother and His Servant

Timothy O. Olonade
President/ Team Leader
El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation 08026004900

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  1. Amen. Lord thank your for all you did through your people. This year we shall bear your light everywhere we are found in Jesus name amen

  2. Indeed the LORD is faithful and has proven this time and time again. He is faithful to complete what He has started. May all hearts and hands be on deck as we shine brighter, looking forward to “That day.”

  3. Great Testimony!
    The Lord be praised forever. Amen.

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