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Born Crucified


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Timothy Olonade

Jesus was born crucified. He was brought to life to die and, live!

He lived all His life knowing He was not born to make name, make gain, make fame, make babies, or live a decent life of simply feeling good and staying well. All those were things picked along the line for mortals.

He was born just to die!

What happened over Easter was crafted during Christmas… “He shall take away the sin of the whole world!” The agenda over this weekend was drawn before first Christmas!

Lesson: When God wants to do a thing, He is not pretentious about it. He not only know the end from the beginning, but He sometimes show the end from the beginning, for all those who can trust Him to stick to the plan!

Jesus’ first statement on the wooden cross is to perfect the deed: “Father Forgive Them…” He next recorded statement was an invite to the family house! “…today you will be with me in paradise.” How close can it get!

Never has humanity been so blessed to have such an advocate. Trusting and reliable; holy and untainted; confident and compassionate; full of grace and mercy.

This is humanity’s finest hour. All that holds us is bound is broken. We are welcome back to the family! He didn’t ask God to forgive; he called the Father to take back the erring children.

Easter is a family reunion! Our first brother was born crucified, so we may all seat around the table, in the Father’s presence and experience again His warm embrace. Easter brings us the the Father’s bosom.

That is what my team at El-Rehoboth are committed to tell the world. That’s what we do 24/7. No one has to die again, for life is now attainable and obtainable because of the crucified first Son of the Father.

Join us to spread the word! Death got killed on Easter Friday! Amen

Eglf President and Team Leader
Easter Reflection, April 2023

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  1. This is great, thank you Jesus.
    May the power of resurrection of Jesus Christ fall upon me to preach the Gospel.

  2. Amazing grace we received from Him, through His death and resurrection.

    Thank you Jesus!

  3. To God be all the glory and honour. He will take you, the family and ministry to a higher level in Jesus name amen. Happy Easter to you Sir and mummy

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