God’s Family in God’s Mission

Dear praying family,

It’s All About God’s Family in God’s Mission
My late father taught me a lesson on family values while I was about 10 years old: “It’s only a bastard that watches His father’ enterprise nose diving and lift no finger,” he said. “It is unheard of for a true child to be indifferent when the family heritage is in peril. In fact, it is dis-honouring to belong to a family and yet act in ways that undermine the family head,” he concluded. This retells of God’s concern written in Malachi, “If I am truly your Father, where is my honour?” [Mal. 1:6b]

Christianity is first and foremost about family than it is about religion. Our family culture makes honouring the Family Head our highest call. It delights the Father when His treasured children, place value on His hearty issues as they live as pilgrims on earth. Afterall, when all is said and done, and we’re all gone from here, we’ll return to the Father’s presence in the Family House!

Jesus said: “In My Father’s House are…” Another time He told the crowd: “I and the Father are one.” “When you pray,” He told His disciples, “Say, our Father in Heaven…” He further told a lot of stories to illustrate the reality of God’s family. God is not interested in religious nuts. He wants fruits bearing family members. He qualifies such people to spread His fame around the globe.

Since its founding in 2011, God has enabled El-Rehoboth Missions to engage in multiple missionary outreaches to many countries and nations. To do this we have always worked with and depended on the community of saints, the family of God who give their time, resources, competence and capacity, to spread God’s missions to the nations. Our mission is the family business.

We have come alongside church leaders, workers, bi-vocational and regular missionaries pastors and everyday believers from all walks of life to launch many into the ministry. We have engage them in mentoring and leadership development to hasten world evangelization. We have been providing culturally appropriate discipleship and mentoring models, missions and evangelistic enabling tools, and practical skills for their ministries to become fruitful.

El-Rehoboth Missions teams and associates annually reach and impact hundreds of churches in dozens of countries around the world. One crucial factor in this ministry work is the community of brothers and sisters that God has blessed us with – joining us to serve as God’s family in God’s Mission. Family of God who prays daily and pays something into our accounts as prompted by God. You are the community He has strategically set to run this commission with us. You rock!

While thanking you for all you are doing for God, we want to strengthen your involvement in what really matters to our Father. So, we keep you constantly informed so you may do your utmost best for His highest. Reading our News Magazine El-Rehoboth Chronicles you get a glimpse of God’s dealings and the impacts in our lives and lives of those we serve. As you use our Prayer Digest you grasp the most insightful and succinct items to fuel your prayers. If you would like to be in direct contact with us for our e-updates, you may join our G3 Partners WhatsApp Platform:

As you pray with us in the next 124 days, please not that God’s honour is at stake over the nations: “For from the rising of the sun to its setting my name will be great among the nations, and in every place, incense will be offered to my name, and a pure offering. For my name will be great among the nations, says the LORD of hosts.” [Mal 1:11] Please do something to hasten this for His global glory.

Born Crucified

Jesus was born crucified. He was brought to life to die and, live!

He lived all His life knowing He was not born to make name, make gain, make fame, make babies, or live a decent life of simply feeling good and staying well. All those were things picked along the line for mortals.

He was born just to die!

What happened over Easter was crafted during Christmas… “He shall take away the sin of the whole world!” The agenda over this weekend was drawn before first Christmas!

Lesson: When God wants to do a thing, He is not pretentious about it. He not only know the end from the beginning, but He sometimes show the end from the beginning, for all those who can trust Him to stick to the plan!

Jesus’ first statement on the wooden cross is to perfect the deed: “Father Forgive Them…” He next recorded statement was an invite to the family house! “…today you will be with me in paradise.” How close can it get!

Never has humanity been so blessed to have such an advocate. Trusting and reliable; holy and untainted; confident and compassionate; full of grace and mercy.

This is humanity’s finest hour. All that holds us is bound is broken. We are welcome back to the family! He didn’t ask God to forgive; he called the Father to take back the erring children.

Easter is a family reunion! Our first brother was born crucified, so we may all seat around the table, in the Father’s presence and experience again His warm embrace. Easter brings us the the Father’s bosom.

That is what my team at El-Rehoboth are committed to tell the world. That’s what we do 24/7. No one has to die again, for life is now attainable and obtainable because of the crucified first Son of the Father.

Join us to spread the word! Death got killed on Easter Friday! Amen

Eglf President and Team Leader
Easter Reflection, April 2023

Bearing His Light to the Nations, Together.

Dear Friends and Partners,

Thank you for your continuous support to this great work. I believe it is not too late to still wish you Happy New Year. We welcome you to a year of His Radiance; Impactful Radiance in this year of Light. May your light shine ever bright this year that nations will come to your life and Kings will be attracted into the brightness of your rising…

This is to let you know we know you are there, with us! You traveled with us last year as we scaled walls, overcome obstacles, subdue obstructions and advance the work of the Kingdom. You were with us from January to December in the year God granted us speedy access towards fulfilling ministry outing.

Souls were saved. Leaders were equipped, trained and empowered to faithfully discharge the full responsibility of their calling. Over 10,000 of such leaders were impacted. God opened door of service to us during the year, over 40,000 impressionable souls, youths from age 14 to 40 went through our lives and we served them our packed lunch of proverbial five loaves and two pieces of fish duly blessed of God.

Two new titles came out to strengthen Christ followers to Grow in Grace and for Christians to Bear Witness to Christ! We finally gain a market share on all the online publishing platforms like Amazon, Kindle, etc with our books (3) Published Books). In all these, you were with us in prayers, giving, encouraging and getting our back in more ways than one.

This is the New Year. We are poised to serve Him with all we’ve got. We are holding nothing back. We want to hour Him with our obedience. And that is why we ask you to take the trip with us. We will walk in His light. We will radiate His glory. We will let the whole world know the power of our Lord and King.

We will complete the mission leadership training center/building. We are 70 done! God helping us we will round up this project before mid-year. Please prayerfully align with us in the spirit. God started this good work, He will surely complete it.

Welcome to the year of Light! Welcome to the year of Impactful Radiance. May this reality be your experience this year.

our brother and His Servant

Timothy O. Olonade
President/ Team Leader
El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation
tim.olonade@gmail.com 08026004900

See What Lord has done!

1. Great is the Lord, most worthy of praise.

2. Rejoice with us. We just concluded the 22nd Annual WOGINSmile initiative conference with about 750 widows, persecuted and vulnerable women. They were together with us El-Rehoboth centre from Thurs 1st to Sat 3rd Dec. Need I report that only have of them could find seat in the hall of meeting! The rest spread all over the compound with PA broadcast!

3. On Tue Nov 30, I had met with over 350 higher institutions and and secondary students. 70% of these boys and girls are part of WOGINSmile initiative partial scholarship assistance scheme who have been in our end of the year Hangout with Daddy Tim

4. We got two surprised gifts of N2.3 from totally unexpected families which helped with our N2.8 budget for end of the year food bank for these ladies/families.

To our God belongs eternal praise!

Thank God
We served lunch to over 1,000 to wrap up the Conference.

On the 17th December, they will be collecting their Christmas Food Pack!


The Spirit of Giving and Gratitude

Today is #GivingTuesday – a day set apart to promote generousity and deliberate giving to charity and missional cause across the globe. It brings intentionality to the art of giving.

Not that people are not giving to worthy causes all year long, but Giving Tuesday is so marked, and I believe it could be a turning point in unleashing the Gospel worldwide.

At El-Rehoboth, we believe Giving Tuesday provide everyone a chance to give however they wish, and to whatever they consider worthy. This year’s Giving Tuesday meets us in the spirit of gratitude.

We told you last week, how thankful we are, and we should all be. God’s been generous in dispensing grace and mercy. Giving Tuesday gives us plentious opportunities to identify with worthy causes in special ways.

Believing that giving to missional causes is inherently linked to proper practice of Christian faith. Here are 7 offers from El-Rehoboth to make your #GivingTuesday an exiting experience:
1. Some plates of conference meals for widows and orphans at N600/$1.25
2. Basic Christmas family food pack at N5-6000/$12 per pack.
3. New Year, back to school, semester fees assistance at N$60/N40000 per student
4. A mini library set for Rural Evangelists at N30,000/$55 a set
5. A Bible at Christmas for Muslim outreach is just N2000/$4 per unit
6. Monthly stipend of N50000/$100 for a Missionary
7. Dozens of plastic chairs for fellowship and discipleship Center at N60,000 a dozen.

We are excited that we could share the above opportunities with you to enable you joyfully and graciously partake in the blessings of #GivingTuesday.

Here’s is our account info for your immediate action!
Naira: GTBank 0235986778 || EcoBank 1233002554
EcoBank Dollar 1232024665

What a joy to know we are in this together. Thank you for your partnership in the gospel.
Timothy Olonade
I’m #WorldMissionsCatalyst
El-Rehoboth Global Mission,
President/Team Leader

MAY 2021 Global & Ministry Prayer News Digest

We approach this month of May 2021 with depth of gratitude. So much is happening this month that remind us of the overjoyed community of Jews shortly after they crossed the Red Sea. Marian, Moses sister led the two million congregations to “Sing unto the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously…” (Exo 15:1) Because they saw the surpassing greatness of their God, pulling them out of 430 years of slavery and through the unimaginable crossing of the Red Sea to birth a new nation – out of another! This month we feel like them, sort of.

Fifteen years ago, we started Mentor Development Gathering (MDG). We are humbled by the spread and influence of those we have touched over the years in their various leadership roles in the Church and in the market place. From May 13 and 14 we’ll host the 15th Edition and it will be known hence forth as Mentor to Mentor Leadership Conference (MMLC). We urge you to join us as we treat the theme: THRIVE – Beyond Life Disruptions. Our guest facilitators/presenters are global, from Africa, Asia, Europe, and of course Nigeria.

Ten years ago, we started El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation as an M2414 Initiative to stir the Church to own God’s Mission. Since then we have traversed the globe literally to preach the gospel and champion the global cause of Christ in the lives of God’s people. On May 15th we will host a modest special dinner. Will you like to invite someone?

Lest we forget, in April the Primate of Church of Nigeria, His Grace Henry Ndukuba along with over 100 Bishops participated in a three-day Catalyst Course on World Evangelization. At the event, we were honored to have him dedicate and formally release this Strategic Mission and Mobilization Training for World Changers as a veritable tool to the wider body of Christ. The Catalyst Course took over 4 years to develop!

To strengthen our team, CLAP: Capacity and Leadership Advancement Program will hold from May 17-19. This is a three-day intentional in-house training for staff and associates. Some experts will speak to and grill us on how best to deliver the mandate God has given us. Our regional Associates and some G3 Partners will participate.

We will wrap up May in Lagos with the 5th Edition of Nigeria Baptist Convention, Faith of our Fathers Leaders’ Convocation with Lagos West Conference from May 24-26. 2021.

Yet we’ll not neglect our commitment to specifically bless our city. Our Monthly Word Impact Narrative theme for May is Something Else – what happens when God is involved! You probably want to know if we have started work on the Hall of Meeting and our income generating Guest Floor. No. We have not. We are still trusting God. We need N50million!

We welcome May 2021. Special, Celebratory, Dedicatory, and Spontaneity wrapped into one.  Please join us wherever and whenever possible; financially support us however you are able to; but by all means pray for us. EGLF is another Acronym for Excitement |Gratitude | Leverage |Future.

God’s Servant & Team Leader

Timothy Olonade,
Team Leader El-Rehoboth Global Mission.
Jos, Nigeria Email: tim.olonade@gmail.com +234.803.786.5130

You can leverage on the greatness of God’s Power!

Dear praying friends, Associates and Partners.

This month, God is offering us “the exceeding greatness of his power to us who believe!” This is as profound as it is certain. This comforting truth represents an inestimable dimension of God yet untapped. God wants to exceed Himself to demonstrate his power to and in his people. Not willing to portion His grace in bits and pieces, God offers His ability to humanity in measure not yet known in human calculations. This sure word is both a prayer and a promise!

God wants to come through for His Church in excess of whatever He’s known for. He who, by the greatness of His power, secures His enemies’ submission; He who is great in faithfulness, is now willing to exceed Himself. We are ravaged by sin and sicknesses; our country sides and cities are devastated by fear and crippling reality of bandits, kidnappers, herdsmen, Boko Haram, and other merchants of death and misery. Still, this infinitely infinite God wants to go ‘over and above’ Himself to help the saints. This is mind boggling. But that is what He says He will do, to make His greatness count for us. This is God leveraging His power to advance His people, like never before.

This awesome expression of glorious God is not a decorative ornament. What God is offering is the actual power that raised Jesus from death. Besides, to grant us access to this power of endless life is no big deal for God, if we truly believe Him. The question is, how are we going to apply this great power if God gives us, and how much of it do we even crave? Let’s pray this month, not for small quantities, but for exceeding greatness of this power to make mighty impact in God’s mission.

However, we need to deal with our faith. What are we willing to believe God for this month to enable Him activate this promise for us and the nations? At El-Rehoboth Mission we’re seeking this power to earnestly accelerate His global glory in every local church; and charge God’s people to pursue His purpose in all they do. We choose to believe Him for the nations, we certainly expect His exceeding greatness to come alive among the nations on account of our faith in Him.

Brethren, we need this incredible power exercised in every area of our lives, family, business, vocation, ministry and Kingdom service! As a ministry, we long to see this truth come alive in the lives of our Friends, Associates and Partners. We pray that this infinitely great God will come through for us; that He will exceed all our expectations for this work and for all who are part of it.

May you experience and give expression to the exceeding greatness of God’s power this month and the rest of your life. Thanks for praying this reality onto the work of El-Rehoboth Mission and all our Missionary staff team.

©Timothy Olonade,
Team Leader El-Rehoboth Global Mission. Jos, Nigeria Email: tim.olonade@gmail.com +234.803.786.5130
To give to our Building Project: El-Rehoboth Building Project: GTBank 0599053338
To give to our general ministry operation: El-Rehoboth Global GTBank: 0235986778

Twenty21 Started Well


It’s amazing we are into the 2nd month of 2021 already! God in His faithfulness has been gracious as He guides in our quest to fulfill His purpose. The year opened with a clear word from the Lord! “Eternal God is our refuge; underneath is the Everlasting Arm!Due 33:27a

Eternal God with His outstretched Everlasting Arm is poised in Twenty21 to be our stability, strength and endurance in life and ministry. He told us to look out for Divine Leverage in Twenty21. And that we will do – in all areas of life. We likewise encourage our partners to watch out for this God-ordered condition, situation and arrangement that puts you in a favorable or superior position in Twenty21. We pray you will experience Divine Leverage to accomplish His purpose without running helter-skelter or draining yourself as we partner in the vineyard this year.

January Twenty21 was very historic for El-Rehoboth. We moved to our new office premises! A feat made possible by God. A journey purely guided by Him. A delight only God could make happen – through diverse heaven-orchestrated leverages. We are joyful and thankful to God who made His people to pray, give and mobilize others during the 5 months of mobilization and 3 months of re-construction. We are 75% done – on record time! We still need our mini-hall of worship /Chapel done before our 10th Anniversary in Mary 2021.

As we anticipate finishing, let’s keep the right perspectives: this project is not our goal, God’s mission is! Let’s leverage on God’s help to finish it as war-room from where we fire prayers on all cylinders; a warship, from where we engage in the battle for the nations. Our God is able to enable us tidy up this project and move on in His glorious global mission.

We’re also blessed in January with four new staff to strengthen our resolve to proclaim God’s glory to the ends of the earth. Though we moved, we are trusting God to equip this new center with appropriate tools and resources for effective Kingdom service. You will be praying along with us on this, this month, going forward.

Thanks for your partnership in and the sacrifice for the gospel.

Timothy Olonade, Team Leader El-Rehoboth Global Mission. Jos, Nigeria Email: tim.olonade@gmail.com +234.803.786.5130

To give to our Building Project: El-Rehoboth Building Project: GTBank 0599053338

To give to our general ministry operation: El-Rehoboth Global GTBank: 0235986778

I Could Have Died, but…

“Brother Tim, can you recall how you escaped the plane crash that killed your friends and fellow ministers?” Tunde blurted from the other end of the phone. I momentarily couldn’t recall. But my wife, my life-event memory bank, came to my rescue! She gave an excellent recap of the testimony I shared 12 years ago in Tunde’s church in the North East of Nigeria. Pastor Tunde was about using Apostle Peter rescue from prison, Brother Stephen martyrdom and my story to challenge his church members to lean on God’s faithfulness and sovereignty as they live within the Boko Haram region.

Here is the story: I was planning to board an air plane from Jos to Lagos on 4th May on my way to Cote d’Ivoire the next day on a mission trip. Due to human error, my travel agent wrongly booked my flight from Lagos to Accra, instead of Abidjan, on May 4th instead of May 5th! This was obviously a flawed arrangement. Why should I pass a night in Accra before connecting to Abidjan! Why was I booked to fly out of Lagos hours before my Jos-Lagos flight? I was furious at this development. So, I was forced to fly Jos-Lagos on May 3rd. That flight was rough and problematic. The plane engine wasn’t at its optimum performance. But we made it to Lagos.

As I headed to Accra from Lagos on May 4th my friends and fellow ministers drove to Jos Airport to catch their Lagos flight. It turned out to be their very last ride to catch their very last flight! That Jos-Lagos flight took off via Kano. It didn’t make it through Kano to Lagos. It crashed on the outskirts of Kano, killing all on board! That day Tunde and I lost a mutual friend, Clem, and half a dozen other Christian leaders.

So, it was God, after all, who scuttled my travel plan. Yet, it was Him who let others board the crashed plane. While my screwed-up travel plan signalled “you are still needed here”, my friends’ schedule turned heavenward route. That week, 18 years ago, my travel agent acted outside of my instruction, but was clearly guided by unseen hand of God! It is His Sovereignty.

This October, Nigeria turns 60 as a sovereign state. Let’s reflect on sovereignty of God. As you join us in prayer and take your part in ensuring God’s sovereignty over the nations, let’s rely on His faithfulness to respond to our prayers. Stepping into the last quarter of the year, let’s receive the Reset of our lives and our nation. And in the word of the Psalmist: Now, Lord, do it again! Restore us to our former glory! May streams of your refreshing flow over us until our dry hearts are drenched again. Ps 126:4 TPT

  • Be Outstanding in October:
  1. Allow God to introduce His plan in place of your scheme
  2. Expect God to overrule in your life, family, ministry and nation
  3. Let His order of events prevails on your calendar of events
  4. Make good things happen for God and people, far and near
  5. Believe God for something that the nations will praise Him for
  6. Insist and make God One and Only, not an extra option in any thing
  7. Don’t opt out of His task, because it is tough, rather stick out your neck
  8. It is EGO to Edge God Out of October, stay within His radar for coverage
  9. Delight yourself excessively in God, even when you can’t figure out His plan

Donate to any of God’s mission especially at El-Rehoboth Mission House project

Timothy Olonade, Team Leader
El-Rehoboth Global Mission, Jos, Nigeria.
Email: tim.olonade@gmail.com; 0803.786.5130

Journey to Normalcy: Buy the Building

Praise God the cloud is clearing up. We are breathing fresh air. Coronavirus Pandemic horrible impact is slowing down. God is giving us all a new lease of life. We are bouncing back gradually to a near-normal life. September saw the lowest daily infection occurrence as reported by NCDC in Nigeria. As cheering as this maybe that is not the gist of this September Notes

September 2020 is a defining month for us at El-Rehoboth Missions! For eight years we have enjoyed the goodwill and harmony with Nigeria Baptist Convention who owns our currently rented El-Rehoboth Mission Centre in Jos. The romance is over. They have formally written us to vacate their premises for another use in the long-term plan of NBC.  But we saw it coming!

We have been praying and searching God’s mind to lead us to a place of his choosing to buy for our permanent operational base out of Jos. Thankfully, we found a preferred property in a prime location about the time the quit notice hit us. Though it will require some remodelling due to years of disuse, we sensed God has kept it for us – a walking distance from the present location.

September is our month of purchase! The seller has accepted our negotiated price of N20m. Since the news broke out early August, God has provided N12m through the generous and sacrificial gifts from our faithful friends, associates and partners. For additional N9m a team of building professionals have volunteered their services to give the property to total make-over.

By buying this property this September and remodelling it in October we will be able to relocate to our own premises from where we will continue to herald the global glory of God as we reach out to the nations, before the December expiration of our quit notice.

This project is part of our journey to normalcy. To buy, remodel and occupy this property is part of God’s post-covid-19 pandemic plan for us. Rejoice with us, share this project good news and motivate others to take part in it. The time we’re in is hard. Yet, the difficult season can be a great time to invest in God’s mission.

Consider giving generously to this project: El-Rehoboth Project Account: GTBank 0599053338

Timothy Olonade, Team Leader
El-Rehoboth Global Mission, Jos, Nigeria.
tim.olonade@gmail.com 0803.786.5130