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Covid-19 Review and the Pursuit of God’s Purpose


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Timothy Olonade

Covid-19 cannot scare humanity indefinitely. At some point, rather than surrender to our fear, human spirits will rise to conquer Covid-19. And this is happening now around the world as the pandemic and its attendant lockdown comes under review. There is a surge in human spirits’ desire to prevail, not fearing a fresh outbreak of this virus. “Tanzania will not allow to be ruled by Covid-19… life must go on!” declares John Maguguli, the Tanzanian President, last Sunday.

Last week’s press release from ICAO (the Airlines global governing body) that listed several nations’ opening dates for their air spaces for regular passengers’ flights is cheering. Four of my frequently flown local and international airlines have immediately taken action. One sent an email blast: “See you in the air, very soon.” But it is not only ICAO family that is issuing positive notices. God is also offering His people a fresh outburst of grace for kingdom service, post Covid-19 pandemic lockdown era. If you listen well, you can hear Him calling for a Review, Renew and Relaunch!

To enter post Covid-19 pandemic lockdown season God calls His people to review, renew and relaunch. Fresh air is coming upon us; we are able to breathe a sigh of relief and cow the Covid-19 at last. Considering all the unabetted health turbulence of the last few months what a joy to be alive and well today! While we thank God for His loving grace and care, our hearts and prayers go to those in the shadow of death, as we speak.

Let’s face it, this phase is a call to critically examine all that the pandemic has thrown at each of us or turned us into in the last five months. You can take stock of the mercies received when you and your loved ones got scared of life in panic of Covid-19. Soberly reflect of how life might have turned negative if you were left to yourself, unaided by God’s unseen mighty hand and the living hope He extended to you.

As we review, we notice that God has been our stay in spite of the biting impact of the Covid-19 and its horrifying effects globally. Since its inception, we have sought the Lord intentionally and set our hope on Him continually as our salvation. Our review helps us to truly respond and harvest of the words of the Psalmist:

Our Lord, let your worshippers rejoice and be glad. They love you for saving them, so let them always say, ‘the Lord is wonderful.’ I am poor and needy, but, Lord God, you care about me, and you come to my rescue. Please hurry and help.” Ps 40:16,17 CEV

Covid-19 itself is not yet over, but its gripping, and frightening fang is being tamed. So, knowing where God stands matters a lot and standing with him is very assuring. Remember Jesus told his disciple, “Don’t worry or surrender to your fear. For you’ve believed in God, now trust and believe in me also.” John 14:1 TPT

With confidence in God we can ride this post lockdown era. We urge you to #takeresponsibility to stem the tide of Covid-19 community spread. Pray as if everything depends on it, because it does, in our pursuit of God’s purpose. Let the easing up of lockdown era birth a stronger kingdom commitment, let it shore up your involvement in God’s mission like never before. If you need help on how to make this happen, contact us. We may be able to help.

Timothy Olonade, Team Leader
El-Rehoboth Global Mission, Jos, Nigeria. 08037865130

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