Covid-19: The Good, the Bad and the Godly 2


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Timothy Olonade

It is no longer news that, “with just one new virus, humanity has become incoherent, feverish and frantic, emptied of chest-beating self-adulation.”That was my position early May 2020 when I published part one of this piece!

This has led me to the question:What is God doing with and in all this? To which I will answer: A whole lot! And it depends on who you are talking to, where in the world you are, what you are after and who really you are!

“Look at the nations and pay attention! You will be shocked and amazed!
For I will do something in your lifetime that you will not believe even
though you are forewarned.” Hab 1:5.

Control Button

To non-believers, God seems to be losing control and helpless in fixing the world. For that reason, they switch on their frantic panic modes to calm the raging sea. However, to followers of Jesus, God is actively in charge of this world. He is actually, in one brush stroke, setting the pace in ways that left humanity fumbling. For the first time in many decades, human calculations are approached with caution. God is turning human hearts away from things and even themselves; to seek help not from abroad but from above!

Reset Button

Regardless of religious persuasion, economic status and social strata we occupy, God is using this yet unresolved pandemic in more ways than one. The Lord is using Covid-19 and its lockdown effect, to press the global reset button; recalibrate humanity from its self-dependency. In Africa and much of two-third world, He is currently shattering wrong assumptions, breaking bounds of darkness, exposing and shaming wrong beliefs, redefining economic and religious alignments, and setting captives free.

Forward Button

Every generation has its own fair share of chaos, confusions and calamities. Sometimes they manifest in pandemic sickness, senseless wars, genetically modified health and food issues or unethical global trade in all sorts of things, including human organs! The past five months has been irritably trying and frightening globally. To move forward humanity now has to rely on fate! That act of divinity that humanity is scared to mess with!

On the Wheel

As the panic is easing, people are wondering how to put their lives’ pieces together again. Who will call the shots for the next phase? Let me remind you, God is not about taking a break from superintending this world! Nor is He in a panic mode over the chaos and mess all around. When Covid-19 is over, God will still be God and our human needs won’t go, let courage rise with danger.

Whatever the future holds, Our God is!

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