Date: September 9-12, 2020
Cost: N5,000
Venue: All Christian Fellowship
 Maitama, Abuja

We live in an era where so much seem to be going on in the name of Christ’s Mission without commensurate evidence among the Least Reached and Least Churched peoples of the earth. In Nigeria, we have spread all around almost to the point of choking ourselves, yet we have lost vast grounds to the Enemy of the Cross – physically, geographically and more importantly spiritually. We are hearing about God’s move in mighty conversion stories in many parts of the world but we are yet to harvest such momentous fruits in our land.

Are there missing dots in our Great Commission pursuit? Are we sharing the right information in a God-honouring way among all mission practitioners? Are there things God is already doing and has put in place that will mobilize us strategically to break new grounds or seize lost territories in record time? Can we close rank, learn the rope and push the frontier further within the shortest possible time? What has God gifted the global church’s local impact among all ethnes?

The M2414 Summit 2020 is aiming at helping the church in Nigeria and West Africa to find the missing pieces in our on-going effort to complete the task. It is a rallying call to see and close the missing gaps between preaching everywhere and reaching every tribe, tongue and language. It will showcase the ethne connection required for the true global renown of our Master.

M2414 Summit 2020 affords us the opportunity to learn from and see the connectivity between some ongoing best practices in Church Planting Movements, Disciple Making Movements, Mobilization Movements, Creation Care and Human Crises mission response locally and globally.

We invite you to invite other hundreds of other mission leaders to reflect on the command of Jesus to preach the gospel worldwide, pursue obedient based discipleship in every tribe and bring the Great Commission to a closure. Come fellowship and network with those doing the Great Commission in truth and in spirit. Experience world class workshops in areas of your need. Get strengthened in your resolve in God’s mission by interacting with others who are toiling to see Jesus’ last command completely obeyed. Experience collaboration, ditch competition as you extend to and receive helping hands from fellow mission leaders.