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Get Involved

Get Involved

You have a role in God's mission

We believe God is calling all His people into His mission, especially you! We want to give you a chance to do something strategic about it in partnership with us. Your involvement professionally, financially, prayerfully can truly accelerate the Great Commission and fulfil M2414 clarion call.

Here are twelve possible ways you can join us to fulfill this mission:

Help us reach more nations.

Join the G3 Partners

God’s Global Glory (G3) Partners give generously and consistently to our ministry to extend God’s global glory and fulfill Matt. 24:14 ASAP

Bank: GTBank
Acct Number: 0235986778
Acct Name: El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation

Whenever you give to El-Rehoboth mission , you become a God’s Global Glory Partner. You’re hastening the Lord’s coming to take His bride from peoples on the earth.