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Handled by God – Timothy O. Olonade

About the Book

Handled by God

God is in need of men. But more than that, He is in need of quality men. Throughout the history of God’s dealing with man, quality men are not just born, they are made. You can be one of them if you humbly yield your life to God’s way of making His men.

It is only then you will fit into His eternal plan of giving hope to the nations.

Do you still struggle in your walk with God and in ministry?

Do you long to be established in firm foundation in ministry that fits into the eternal plan of God?


This little booklet offers some succinct, practical, Bible-based instructions to help you take your first steps God’s mission direction

  • The Divine Processing Plant
  • A Walk before we Sprint
  • The Waiting Room Experience
  • Understanding God’s Eternal Plan