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MAY 2021 Global & Ministry Prayer News Digest


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Timothy O. Olonade

We approach this month of May 2021 with depth of gratitude. So much is happening this month that remind us of the overjoyed community of Jews shortly after they crossed the Red Sea. Marian, Moses sister led the two million congregations to “Sing unto the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously…” (Exo 15:1) Because they saw the surpassing greatness of their God, pulling them out of 430 years of slavery and through the unimaginable crossing of the Red Sea to birth a new nation – out of another! This month we feel like them, sort of.

Fifteen years ago, we started Mentor Development Gathering (MDG). We are humbled by the spread and influence of those we have touched over the years in their various leadership roles in the Church and in the market place. From May 13 and 14 we’ll host the 15th Edition and it will be known hence forth as Mentor to Mentor Leadership Conference (MMLC). We urge you to join us as we treat the theme: THRIVE – Beyond Life Disruptions. Our guest facilitators/presenters are global, from Africa, Asia, Europe, and of course Nigeria.

Ten years ago, we started El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation as an M2414 Initiative to stir the Church to own God’s Mission. Since then we have traversed the globe literally to preach the gospel and champion the global cause of Christ in the lives of God’s people. On May 15th we will host a modest special dinner. Will you like to invite someone?

Lest we forget, in April the Primate of Church of Nigeria, His Grace Henry Ndukuba along with over 100 Bishops participated in a three-day Catalyst Course on World Evangelization. At the event, we were honored to have him dedicate and formally release this Strategic Mission and Mobilization Training for World Changers as a veritable tool to the wider body of Christ. The Catalyst Course took over 4 years to develop!

To strengthen our team, CLAP: Capacity and Leadership Advancement Program will hold from May 17-19. This is a three-day intentional in-house training for staff and associates. Some experts will speak to and grill us on how best to deliver the mandate God has given us. Our regional Associates and some G3 Partners will participate.

We will wrap up May in Lagos with the 5th Edition of Nigeria Baptist Convention, Faith of our Fathers Leaders’ Convocation with Lagos West Conference from May 24-26. 2021.

Yet we’ll not neglect our commitment to specifically bless our city. Our Monthly Word Impact Narrative theme for May is Something Else – what happens when God is involved! You probably want to know if we have started work on the Hall of Meeting and our income generating Guest Floor. No. We have not. We are still trusting God. We need N50million!

We welcome May 2021. Special, Celebratory, Dedicatory, and Spontaneity wrapped into one.  Please join us wherever and whenever possible; financially support us however you are able to; but by all means pray for us. EGLF is another Acronym for Excitement |Gratitude | Leverage |Future.

God’s Servant & Team Leader

Timothy Olonade,
Team Leader El-Rehoboth Global Mission.
Jos, Nigeria Email: +234.803.786.5130

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