Membercare WAKE UP Call on Covid-19 LOCKDOWN in AFRICA!!!


Timothy Olonade


Mission Agencies, Associations, Groups, especially my African Mission Leaders.

1.  What palliative have you extended to your staff and missionaries in the last 2 months, especially this April?

2.  Are you intentionally assisting and meeting their regular monthly little basic support!

3.  What have you done to directly assist the people in places to which you have sent your missionary staff teams?

4.  Are we adequately strengthening their hearts, hands, stomach  now that the world system pays little attention to them?

Remember when Covid-19 pandemic is over, what is left of our mission will be what we do to and in our mission!

Let’s do it. It’s our duty as leaders to provide membercare while managing crises. Please do it even if only on account of 1 Pet 5: 2-4

At El-Rehoboth we we’re doing the little we can, for staff, associates and the critically needy folks – please share your story to encourage each other.

A fellow Mission Leader
El-Rehoboth Mission, Nigeria

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