Missions Without Apology


I listened recently to a young pastor who was literally begging his audience to accept that working for his denomination is pitiable charity service where the pay couldn’t even match his previous income. I was saddened but happy. Saddened at his lack of depth as he made feign attempt to show that making money elsewhere has paid off. Listening to him you will probably feel sorry for his place of service; that he was too much a big fish swimming in a small pond. I hope he gets some help to know the true nature of Christian service. My fear is that he may not get much help going by his environment of ministry.
The young preacher’s struggle suggests that sacrificial commitment to God’s global effort at reaching the last frontier is a hackling task meant for those who could not secure other great things in their lives. How mistaken he is. He ignores and has totally forgotten why we serve God in the first instance or why some give so much sacrificially to God’s mission, and of course why we pour our whole being into making Jesus known worldwide. Serving God as a missionary, at whatever level is a unique kind of service, an unquantifiable privilege. The pay may not be much but the benefits are way beyond this world.

We don’t serve God for the pay, we serve Him because He is our pay – our exceeding great reward.  Serving God calls for more than working away from good pay, it requires embracing intentional sacrifice!

How would anyone compare God’s call upon His people to extend the frontiers of His Kingdom to a pitiable charity work, just because of the monthly pay check? How could someone possibly equate God’s unquenchable desire to extend His redeeming love to all humanity as an act of Non-Governmental Organization! It is inconceivable that anyone in ministry, truly called of God, will trivialize what Heaven calls honorable service. “No one takes this honor to himself, but only when called by God…” Heb 5:4

I am writing this piece on the outskirt of Nairobi Kenya where I have been part of an effort to galvanize the Body of Christ to raise Christ-Centered Leaders at an ongoing Global Mentoring and Disciple Making Retreat for Mentor Link Leadership Team and its Round Table Fellowship. Aside the acute shortfall of Christ-Centered leaders around the world, let me remind my readers of God’s heart cry to raise for Himself servants after the similitude of Christ. A cry for those who will consider serving the Father an honor, not a compel obligation; and owe no friends, family or foes an apology. And call for those who will stand with them in supplying the needed resources.

Imagine one fourth of the world lives in reclusive Frontier People Groups with less than 0.1% Christian of any kind. That is true and they are the thirty-one largest frontier People Groups in critical need of prayer and missional breakthrough. That is a whopping 1,862,500,000 people! According to 24:14 Global Coalition Prayer Team, “These FPGs perceive Christianity as a foreign influence threatening to tear apart their families and communities.” In fact, they will do everything to withstand God’s emissaries; obstruct or wear out gospel witness; and frustrate real work that leads to true salvation in Christ Jesus.

We remain unapologetic about this call and undeterred in our proclamation of the critical frontline work among this group of people; we project FPGs plight to all Christians in every local church as we source resources that will be released to get the work done.

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