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You can leverage on the greatness of God’s Power!


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Timothy O. Olonade

Dear praying friends, Associates and Partners.

This month, God is offering us “the exceeding greatness of his power to us who believe!” This is as profound as it is certain. This comforting truth represents an inestimable dimension of God yet untapped. God wants to exceed Himself to demonstrate his power to and in his people. Not willing to portion His grace in bits and pieces, God offers His ability to humanity in measure not yet known in human calculations. This sure word is both a prayer and a promise!

God wants to come through for His Church in excess of whatever He’s known for. He who, by the greatness of His power, secures His enemies’ submission; He who is great in faithfulness, is now willing to exceed Himself. We are ravaged by sin and sicknesses; our country sides and cities are devastated by fear and crippling reality of bandits, kidnappers, herdsmen, Boko Haram, and other merchants of death and misery. Still, this infinitely infinite God wants to go ‘over and above’ Himself to help the saints. This is mind boggling. But that is what He says He will do, to make His greatness count for us. This is God leveraging His power to advance His people, like never before.

This awesome expression of glorious God is not a decorative ornament. What God is offering is the actual power that raised Jesus from death. Besides, to grant us access to this power of endless life is no big deal for God, if we truly believe Him. The question is, how are we going to apply this great power if God gives us, and how much of it do we even crave? Let’s pray this month, not for small quantities, but for exceeding greatness of this power to make mighty impact in God’s mission.

However, we need to deal with our faith. What are we willing to believe God for this month to enable Him activate this promise for us and the nations? At El-Rehoboth Mission we’re seeking this power to earnestly accelerate His global glory in every local church; and charge God’s people to pursue His purpose in all they do. We choose to believe Him for the nations, we certainly expect His exceeding greatness to come alive among the nations on account of our faith in Him.

Brethren, we need this incredible power exercised in every area of our lives, family, business, vocation, ministry and Kingdom service! As a ministry, we long to see this truth come alive in the lives of our Friends, Associates and Partners. We pray that this infinitely great God will come through for us; that He will exceed all our expectations for this work and for all who are part of it.

May you experience and give expression to the exceeding greatness of God’s power this month and the rest of your life. Thanks for praying this reality onto the work of El-Rehoboth Mission and all our Missionary staff team.

©Timothy Olonade,
Team Leader El-Rehoboth Global Mission. Jos, Nigeria Email: +234.803.786.5130
To give to our Building Project: El-Rehoboth Building Project: GTBank 0599053338
To give to our general ministry operation: El-Rehoboth Global GTBank: 0235986778

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