God has a vital role for you in His Mission

At El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation, we are convinced God has a vital role for every believer to fulfil His redemptive plan for all nations. So, we recruit, train and partner with churches and individuals to identify and perform this role.

Equip your Church

Equip your church leaders and members in cross-cultural and contextualized presentation of the Gospel to the peoples of other religion and cultures

Envision your Leadership

Envision your leadership to understand and proactively engage in Christ’s mission to the world

Empower your Team

Empower your team to take the gospel tovarious segments of the societyacross the nations of the world.

Only about 1 out of 100 missionary decisions result in actual mission service

A recent study shows that 51% of people in our churches do not know what Great Commission represents. They go to church fellowships to receive God’s blessings and healing but no one is helping them to see the bigger purpose of their redemption. They are unaware how critical their personal role is in spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Discover our Training

Our training courses will help your church understand and embrace the call of God to proactively engage in Christ’s mission to the world.

Catalyst Course on World Evangelization

The Catalyst course on World Evangelization is designed to expose God’s people to the Kingdom essentials that connect missions mobilization, active missions participation and life pursuits with God’s ultimate Mission on earth.

Strategic Training on Engaging Muslims

Strategic Training on Evangelizing Muslims (STEM) exposes the Church to love Muslims passionately with God-infused zeal, Christ-directed love and Spirit-inspired hope.

Bible for Life and Ministry

Biblical Engagement for Life and Leadership (BELL) focuses on restoring biblical content to the pulpits using Outline Bible resources.

Empowered to Multiply

Empowered to Multiply (ETM) is primarily a foundational training on how to become and develop Christ-like centered leadership movement.

Harvest Force Training

Harvest Force Training (HFT) is a training that will empower Participants (you and church) to take the Gospel to where it is needed the most by exposing participants to basic strategies they can deploy to be finishers of the Great Commission.

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Do you desire an alignment of the Church’s mission, vision, systems and structures leading to a large organized effort to complete the Great Commission?

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Looking for a way to sharpen your Mission mobilization and leadership skills? Consider

WHATi – World Harvest Advance Training Institute!

Two incredible weeks in February and October that can change your life.

Take the gospel to the nations with us.

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God’s Global Glory (G3) Partners give generously and consistently to our ministry to extend God’s global glory and fulfill Matt. 24:14 ASAP