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This is El-Rehoboth Global Leadership Foundation world!

We are a fascinating world of mission information that can assist you to get involve with God’s mission in ways that count for eternity. This is a place to visit if you are looking for fresh information to stir your heart in the direction of God’s agenda for the remaining Unreached peoples of the world. If you desire to see God glorified among all the peoples and nations of the earth, you will find something that satisfies your desire here.

From crunchy information on the state of the nations to the plight of the poor; from strategic biblical leadership training to mentoring initiatives and discipleship thrust; from robust youth empowerment programs to engaging strategic empowerment initiatives; there is something to stimulate your passion for revival, mission and mentoring.

EGLF is part of God’s global efforts to speed up the return of His Son as we rally God’s people to the common cause of world evangelization. We are unshaken in the pursuit of our mandate to proclaim His word around the globe; champion the global cause of Christ in the local church; and raise His Bride among the ethnics of the world. We want to help raise the level of awareness, interest and involvement in God’s mission among all believers.

We are here to help individual believers to discover their God-given roles and apply their potential, gifts, talents and skills to the Lord of the Harvest in the global arena. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your church’s commitment to mission or a way to deepen Christ-like leadership development and mentoring or to strengthen the passion to reach the people of other religion, take a tour of our website.
From our Biblical Engagement and Leadership Training, our specialized training on God’s heart for the Muslims, Empowered to Multiply; Global Purpose Day Out there’s a lot you can gain and do.
We are here to serve God’s global purpose around the world.

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