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7SB FOR COVID-19: 7 Ways to Spread the Blessing in Covid-19 Era.


Timothy Olonade

It’s no longer news that most part of the world has come under Covid-19 restrictions and in some cases total lockdown! Here are seven things you can do to be part God’s global mission right now!

Take your phone ? and call an acquaintance far and near that you know is not a believer. Assured her/him of God’s loving thoughts in this trying times.

Send a message of hope (perhaps a bible passage) to those on my WhatsApp groups or contact, not pirated empty prophetic slang or fear induced recycled text.

Call your neighbours to pray together, within the approved space distance or on phone, not just to keep Covid-19 from coming near you but for its impact world wide to be extinguished.

Write a letter to your high school, college or university Alumni who are scattered all over the world, offering them an insight or personal word of hope on things you hold dear that have shaped your responsible adult life since your left school!

Discuss. decide and document with your spouse or immediate family something missional you can begin to or increase your doing as a family in ways to shape God’s global mission going forward.

Transfer some fund to the needy; be deliberate in giving to your local church and be intentional in considering mission organisations that may be less funded at this period; share your little with others in ways that touch the nations.

Overall, deal with yourself, give God your heart ? to rule and reign regardless of the threatening circumstances around the world; let Him be on the wheel. Strengthen your personal and family devotional life. You can be sure of the safety of the ride.

I wanted to do 10 or even 19 but stopped at 7. You may share your thoughts on some other 7SB! Not pirated ones o.

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