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Champion of His Global Cause


I had a conversation recently with a key church leader who expressed his frustration about the progress of mission work globally. How come that we have been talking about reaching the unreached, getting the gospel to the unchurched and targeting the unengaged peoples of the world for so many years “and yet they are still the way they are.” Our conversation ensued out of a statement by another leader who said “I’m shocked and saddened when I hear that less than 1/100 of 0.1% (which equals to .0001) of the world’s annual charitable giving goes to places in the world needing the gospel most.”

It is rather scandalous and appalling that insignificant token sum of N350 out of N3,500,000 given to charitable cause ever gets into funding God’s mission. Really! While God’s mission cries for resources other causes and activities take the attention of the world and even of the church. So much in the world/church but very little for God’s mission today. It reminds me of Haggai saga: when people lived in paneled, well built, fanciful palatial houses (with finishing meant for the Temple) while God’s house was unattended to or ignore. It’s just like a company staff who is setting up alternative company to do what his company hired him to do! What impropriety of the people then, and of the church/mission people now!

Anyone who cares about God’s purpose on earth should be disturbed by the predictable impact of this paltry portion of church funds that is directly allotted to frontier mission. Peoples without the gospel are not getting enough resources channeled towards their cause and those championing this global cause of Christ in the church are left unattended to. Some people or churches do not give anything at all to any mission whatsoever – be they local, global, home or neighborhood! That is why mission work is floundering; the field is getting hardened and deserted; many missionaries are looking for alternative services; professional services needed to quicken mission work is withheld and “I cannot come and die here” churches are springing up in every corner financially buoyant cities. And that, to the delight of the enemy of the Cross.

God is calling His people to return to the path of generosity in a new way. Just as every military expedition requires infantry whose survival or victory is impossible without the entire army’s total backup. Same way those who are prosecuting God’s mission must be funded and backed up by those who will go with their resources, talents and gifts. As the ordinance, the signals, the intelligence, the artillery and mechanized brigades are all-in-one with the infantry – no part time or half heart commitment, God’s army must prosecute His warfare over the nations in unity. As the infantry is no more military than Signals so are the field missionaries not more missional than those with supplies: it’s one war! 1 Sam 30:23-25.

God wants those who will do something to change the narrative by giving in ways that count. When you give to El-Rehoboth Global or its M2414Initiative for Final Harvest you become a champion of the global cause of Christ along with us. Your gift will hasten more believers’ engagement in God’s mission. Your gift will help us create and show God’s people strategic options available to them in God’s global plan. Making regular gift to El-Rehoboth or even onetime large gift can enable our staff missionaries prepare and train Christians on critically needy areas to actualize Matthew 24:14 ASAP.

Each time you give to this mission you become a God’s Global Glory Partner who is hastening the return of the Lord to take His bride from all the peoples of the earth.

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