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More than Conquerors


Timothy Olonade

Do you remember the venom and the fury of the King that afternoon when he ordered the execution of the three traitors? It was a huge victory for the accusers, the king and his kingdom, at least so it seemed. Do you also remember the delight of the General’s Wife and that of her hand-picked witnesses when their Chief of Staff was sentenced to life imprisonment? The young lad has now been stripped twice – once by his siblings and now the thick madam. And since he would not play ball let him rot in jail, they reasoned! Do you know there was a vile party in hell the day Jesus was nailed to the cross! We’ve got Him, they concluded.

When a saint experiences defeat, we are quick to trade the blame. We are humans, we hate to see the rod of the wicked falling upon the lot of the righteous. We are right, yet wrong because we don’t always see the bigger picture. We are in dilemma when we see the miscarriage of justice; ladder climbing success stories of the wicked or gross display of sinfulness the world over.

God always sides with the truth. And those who side with God always travel that path. They may be beaten up but they are not knocked out. They may be hemmed in but they are not shut down. Executed by fire, the three men came out unhurt. Accompanied by, of all beings, the one who promised that if we go through fire we won’t burn, and in water, we won’t drown! He was very present in their trouble, just as He had said. When Joseph was jailed his exit from jail dazed the jailers. He went from prison to the palace. His accusers later served him to fulfil His God ordained assignment.

“Had they known,” the scripture says concerning Satan and his cohorts, “they would not have crucified the Lord of glory!” The man on the cross is the author of life. In death he birthed life for all humans. From the grave He brought grace unto salvation of all. “I am He that was dead but now live!” When God press reset button every inhibition, every limitation, every huddle that stands in the way of His ultimate victory are taken off. Even in physical death.

Defeat, to God, is a temporary setback. In fact, it’s only a gateway to the ultimate victory God has destined for His people. I see God’s mission entering into a new phase of participation and advancement. Currently His mission suffers lack of adequate interest, understanding, commitment, resources and needed personnel. It appears His quest to speedily get His word to the world and bring many sons unto glory has not been so enthusiastically pursued by His people, the Church.

As a ministry, El-Rehoboth Mission is doing all we can to create greater understanding, increase level of participation and mobilize more resources to equip and empower God’s people with skills and knowledge of His will in reaching the ends of the earth. God’s people are ultimately going to do God’s mission. Some are stepping out, some are kneeling down to “pray the Lord of the harvest…”

So in what looks like apparent defeat stake your hope in Christ Jesus. Knowing that whatever and whoever constitutes our defeat is only a temporary conqueror! In our lives, in our nation, in the world, and particularly in God’s mission, we are more than conquerors.

Join us to pray over specific Islamic people groups in Nigeria and around the world. Let’s call upon Him to impact the heads of major denominations in Nigeria and implore Him to grant fruitfulness in the gospel work of various ministries and churches around Nigeria.

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