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Resetting the Church to Reclaim the Nations


Timothy Olonade

I heard a young pastor recently lamenting how his famous Pentecostal denomination pays him paltry salary compared with his previous employer. Listening to him, you will probably feel sorry for his local church as he cuts a picture of a big fish swimming in a small pond. In his struggle, the young preacher ignores or forgets the true nature of Christian service. He probably needs a reminder on why we serve God in the first instance – why many people give from their sweat, wealth and substance to God’s mission, in many cases, sacrificially.

The novice pastor’s struggle reminds me of a younger businessman who shortchanged his older Uncle. Not wanting to go God’s route he took a materially more rewarding piece of land at the expense of his Uncle. Ignoring God’s unchanging and eternal purpose, he took a whole lot of land to reward himself to so he won’t be left in the cold later in life. But he was mistaken! No sooner he got himself comfortably settled, than God press a reset button to reallocate the entire land. His Sodom Local Government land allocation paper became worthless in view of Certificate of Occupancy issued by God. If we choose the way of the Lord, it may be a less travelled route, but it is a sure route. (Gen 13:1-18)

God calls His Church to choose His mission rather than some temporal, self-satisfying occupation. Serving God as a missionary mobilizer, partner or frontier field worker is an immeasurable privilege. The pay may not be much but the benefits and ROI are way beyond this world. That is why serving God genuinely in mission requires embracing intentional sacrifice – from everyone – those praying, those giving, those mobilizing and those on the field. We are not in God’s service for great pay; we serve Him because He is our Great Gain, our exceeding great reward! If we choose wisely, God often presses the button to reset the reward calculation beyond our wildest imagination.

Our choice this year, and decade must include nearly 2 billion people in the world (10,000 times the number of people in Nigeria) who currently live in isolated Frontier People Groups of the world! That is a whopping 1,962,500,000 people! Imagine further that less than 0.1% Christians exist among them. This sad reality is the case for the thirty-one largest Frontier People Groups (FPGs) in critical need of prayer and missional breakthrough. According to 24:14 Global Coalition Prayer Team, “These FPGs perceive Christianity as a foreign influence threatening to tear apart their families and communities.” In fact, they will do everything to withstand God’s emissaries; obstruct or wear out gospel witness; and frustrate real work that leads to true salvation in Christ Jesus.

God is calling His Church to not ignore this disheartening situation. That is why He is resetting the church to its original intent – so that through the church, God’s unchanging purpose and Christ’s saving grace might spread worldwide. God is practically resetting the church to reclaim the nations far and near; a reset that births a new zeal and a renewed longing to champion His global glory. This call to reach all peoples especially the FPGs is designed by God for all of His people, not just for those who couldn’t land on greatly paying jobs. The joy of fulfilling this call is incomparable, knowing, for instance, that nearly 4 million churchless Hausa inhabitants of Kano City are part of these FPGs.

In this new decade, we shall openly and firmly pursue and mobilize for this God’s mission. We will point the Church in that direction. Because we must give attention to this important issue to understand and engage with what is at stake – the glory of God among the nations. Going forward, we ask you to sacrificially respond to Christ’s clarion declaration that “this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony among all nations…”

This is our M2414 Initiative mandate: To mobilize God’s people to embrace God’s mission to the end that all Christians in every local church will partake in this glorious gospel reaching the whole world. That is why we urge you to come along with us with resources, skills and prayers to get the work done. Each time you give to El-Rehoboth mission you become a Global Glory of God Partner with us to hasten the return of the Lord to get His bride from all the peoples of the earth.

Nothing in whole realm of nature could delight God’s heart and bring great joy to the saints like taking new previously unevangelized peoples to our King. No true child of God will belittle this important service. I know you won’t! And God is poised to press the reset button so that all who chose His way, may get all His gain. May the Lord reset the button of your heart and that of His Church to start this decade with deliberate, intentional, and progressive engagement with His mission on earth. End

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