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Twenty21 Started Well


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Timothy O. Olonade


It’s amazing we are into the 2nd month of 2021 already! God in His faithfulness has been gracious as He guides in our quest to fulfill His purpose. The year opened with a clear word from the Lord! “Eternal God is our refuge; underneath is the Everlasting Arm!Due 33:27a

Eternal God with His outstretched Everlasting Arm is poised in Twenty21 to be our stability, strength and endurance in life and ministry. He told us to look out for Divine Leverage in Twenty21. And that we will do – in all areas of life. We likewise encourage our partners to watch out for this God-ordered condition, situation and arrangement that puts you in a favorable or superior position in Twenty21. We pray you will experience Divine Leverage to accomplish His purpose without running helter-skelter or draining yourself as we partner in the vineyard this year.

January Twenty21 was very historic for El-Rehoboth. We moved to our new office premises! A feat made possible by God. A journey purely guided by Him. A delight only God could make happen – through diverse heaven-orchestrated leverages. We are joyful and thankful to God who made His people to pray, give and mobilize others during the 5 months of mobilization and 3 months of re-construction. We are 75% done – on record time! We still need our mini-hall of worship /Chapel done before our 10th Anniversary in Mary 2021.

As we anticipate finishing, let’s keep the right perspectives: this project is not our goal, God’s mission is! Let’s leverage on God’s help to finish it as war-room from where we fire prayers on all cylinders; a warship, from where we engage in the battle for the nations. Our God is able to enable us tidy up this project and move on in His glorious global mission.

We’re also blessed in January with four new staff to strengthen our resolve to proclaim God’s glory to the ends of the earth. Though we moved, we are trusting God to equip this new center with appropriate tools and resources for effective Kingdom service. You will be praying along with us on this, this month, going forward.

Thanks for your partnership in and the sacrifice for the gospel.

Timothy Olonade, Team Leader El-Rehoboth Global Mission. Jos, Nigeria Email: +234.803.786.5130

To give to our Building Project: El-Rehoboth Building Project: GTBank 0599053338

To give to our general ministry operation: El-Rehoboth Global GTBank: 0235986778

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